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  ABOUT US    


Goodview Landscaping Enterprise Ltd. has founded in September, 2009 in BC, Canada, with the initial name of Goodview Gardening and Landscaping, we have been provided services on landscape designs, constructions, and maintenance. Our team consists of senior engineers specialized in landscaping, highly trained and experienced landscape architects and designers. With over 20 years experience, professional knowledge, and creativity, we have provided high standard service to our clients all over the Great Vancouver area, and created beautiful and functional gardens that contribute to a excellent living environment.

With the advantage of working with various styles of gardens domestically and overseas, we are obligated to address each of our client's individual desires and requirements taking into account real situations. What we aim to do is to bring the natural beauty into our clients' backyards. Our professional design and construction team is reliable, and we are dedicated to help you create your own dream garden of any sizes and styles.

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